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​​The Positive Communication Network is dedicated to communication that improves the human condition. Join our community to harness the power of positive communication to:
  • Enhance your health, well-being, and happiness.
  • Create meaningful and authentic relationships.
  • Practice more mindful, compassionate communication in your everyday lives.
  • Lead and contribute to resilient, flourishing organizations and communities.
  • Create better social worlds that cultivate individual and collective virtues.
The Positive Communication Network provides the most up-to-date research and advice from practitioners.
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Our Mission

Our mission is to foster a community dedicated to creating better social worlds for all through positive communication research, education, and practice. 

Generativity -- Inclusiveness -- Compassion -- Collaboration -- Excellence


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"The spoken word, spoken honorably and well, can make a difference that no other form of communication can equal."

Marvin Jensen, Professor Emeritus, University of Northern Iowa

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