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About us

"Without communication, there is no relationship." 

The Positive Communication Network was founded in 2022 to build a community of scholars, practitioners, and students committed to the study and practice of positive human communication. 


Our mission is to foster a community dedicated to creating better social worlds for all through positive communication research, education, and practice. 



Together, we seek to inspire communication scholars, educators, and practitioners to study, explore, and celebrate positive communication practices and messages across communication contexts.


Our work is grounded in several core values which serve as our foundation for the work we do and the services we provide. Those values include:

Generativity -- Inclusiveness -- Compassion -- Collaboration -- Excellence


What we offer

- An all-inclusive space to share ideas, engage in research, and improve practice.

- Continuous information and updates about positive communication research and practice.

- Promote courses, training, and events on positive research and practice.

- Online resources to meet the needs of both expert and lay audiences.

- Resources for rising scholars and students trained to do the work in their communities

Image by Cristian Escobar
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